Review: Manhandled by S.A. Reid and Rosemary O’Malley

CSI: Librarian

Manhandled by S.A. Reid and Rosemary O'MalleyHow did I get it: A review copy was sent to me by S.A. Reid.

Why did I read it: I liked the summary and really wanted to read it as soon as it was offered to me.


The Cop
Brendan Daly prides himself on being a man’s man – in both senses of the word. A Boston cop with a hard body and a Southie’s hot temper, Brendan is taken aback when his boyfriend Kent accuses him of letting their love life go stale. So at Kent’s office Christmas party, Brendan decides to surprise him with some roleplaying – cop vs. suspect.

The Doc
Fresh out of medical school, handsome Stephen Gallagan is every woman’s idea of a catch. Trouble is, he’s not sure he wants a woman. Surrounded by predators in cocktail dresses, Stephen flees the Christmas party through the service corridor, running smack into Brendan. In the dark…

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