Some Highwaymen (Duval, Goya)

Frank T. Zumbachs Mysterious World

Last Week an Emenent Lady coming singly in the Stage-Coach from Colchester to London… quote the Coachman to her, If your Ladyship has any thing valuable about you, I pray you to secure it as well as you can, for I see several Sparks upon the Heath here abouts, whom I mistrust to be Highwaymen. Upon the Caution, the Lady put her Gold Watch, a Purse of Guineas, and a very fine Suit of Lace Headcloaths under her Seat; and by that time she had dishivell’d her Hair in a very uncouth Manner about her Head and Shoulders, a Highwayman rid up to her presenting a Pistol into the Coach, and demanded her Money. The Lady who was a very fine Woman, having a great Presence of Mind, naturally acted the Part of a Mad-Woman, opening the Coach, leaping out, and taking the Highwayman by one of his Legs, cry’d…

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