Author Jolea M. Harrison



1. Formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.

2.Polite remarks used in formal conversation.


courtesy – politeness – comity – urbanity – complaisance

I was looking at a picture today on Facebook, a perfectly innocuous picture. There shouldn’t have been anything controversial about it and yet, the comments posted about said picture were vitriolic, ugly, nasty and even threatening.

We seem to have lost something in the Internet Age that used to be the standard. It was the Golden Rule – or at least one of them that my mother liked to repeat on any number of occasions.  It’s a dead rule now! Maybe there are no more Golden Rules. Free speech, yay! Civility, boo. Say anything you want, yay! Think about the words coming out of your mouth before writing or speaking them, boo. Hate speech, yay! Say something nice or don’t say anything at…

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