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I just read an awesome post by Anne R. Allen titled “Indie Publishing in 2013: Why We Can’t Party Like It’s 2009”.  I encourage you to read the whole thing yourself, but to sum up the items I want to focus on in this post, it outlines the changes Amazon has been making.  These changes include the way authors have been able to effectively promote their books.   As most of you probably know, Amazon has been removing reviews, and I didn’t realize it until recently but they’re not just removing reviews from self-published books.  Traditionally published books are also at risk.  Amazon isn’t as quick to price match “free” anymore, which does limit the potential to reach a wider audience (on Amazon).  Traditionally published books are now cheaper, which (naturally) makes it harder for the indie author to compete.  It looks like sites featuring ebooks are being told…

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  1. annerallen says:

    Thanks for spreading the word, Rosemary! This is not the end of the indie revolution, but I think Ruth Ann is right that it may weed out some of the less professional ones. Publishing–whether trad or self–isn’t for sissies!

    • No kidding! It’s so much more complicated than anyone ‘outside’ would suspect. It is, however, very rewarding and I’m not sure that I would trade for a pub house now. I may not be raking in the dough, but I’m so very proud of the sales I do have.

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