KY JellyI recently came–again–across something which shows just how much urban legends and fanfiction tropes can run away with reality. As a result people criticise or demand things which are actually needless in many cases or even detrimental. Here are the two passages I’m talking about:

LUBE! Please, for God’s sake, use the fucking lube every single time. Ramming a fully erect (and described as substantial) dick into someone’s asshole without a) proper preparation, and b) LUBE is painful to read.


Second thing I have a problem with is WHERE THE F**K IS THE DAMN LUBE? Seriously he’s just going to shove that huge dick up his ass with no lube or streching or prep what so ever? Hasn’t the author heard of tearing? I mean doing something like that cannot be pleasurable at all so all those sex scenes seemed unreal, but hey we are reading fiction after all.

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