Joyfully Jay- Jay’s best of 2012

Joyfully Jay- Jay’s best of 2012

The Red King made Jay’s favorites list! To have made a “Best of” list with my first novel is incredible. To have made Jay’s has sent me to the moon!

The reviews on this site are always worth reading. They show care and consideration and real love of a good story. It’s one of my favorite review blogs (I’ve been following it since way before TRK was released) and I’d recommend it to anyone. Even if they don’t like m/m romance. If they’d give the recs on this site a chance, they would.



3 thoughts on “Joyfully Jay- Jay’s best of 2012

  1. therealtbaggins says:

    Well deserved. And I agree, a great honor, because the reviewers on that site are so thoughtful. If they don’t like something, they make an excellent case for why not, and they review a wide range of m/m romances. It a terrific resource for readers.

  2. therealtbaggins says:

    Reblogged this on shadesofgay and commented:
    YAY!! A well-deserved honor…

  3. Loved the book. Congratulations!

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