Zombies Ate My Homework.

Zombies Ate My Homework..

It’s not your brain he holds in his hand, dear.

I love me some Daryl…but I like rough and ready redneck boys.


3 thoughts on “Zombies Ate My Homework.

  1. jenxbyron says:

    I only wish he was holding any other part of me. Check out a little known eerie fact. Last person to appear as himself in my dream- Mr. Manson, born 1-5-1969. Next person-Norman Reedus, born 1-6-1969. I suspect if there IS a Mr. (or Ms.) Right for me, he’ll turn out to be born at the beginning of January. It wouldn’t hurt if he could use a crossbow.

  2. That is a little creepy. Hmmm…

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