Theo Fenraven

734574_10151334099960155_1449830097_nWARNING: This blog entry is bound to piss some of you off. I ain’t apologizing. If we don’t start speaking out, religion will never go away. If you’re a believer, you’ve been brainwashed, honey. But it’s never too late to start thinking again.

Someone on G+ asked me today what keeps me from killing and stealing. She thought me being an atheist meant I had somehow exempted myself from the social contract we all abide by.

Atheism-isn´t-a-religion.-Its-a-personal-relationship-with-realityThis is not the first time someone has wondered how I keep from doing wrong without the fear of some deity keeping me in line.

My first reaction is always amazement. I mean, my parents raised me right. They taught me what was acceptable behavior and what wasn’t. Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do? Their teachings were amplified and 536940_10151379993380155_663154122_nunderscored by the behavior of those around me. It doesn’t take a genius…

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