I know

I am a terrible blogger. I don’t say much, and usually it has to do with my only published work. 

Well, that’s not going to change this time.

I received a review on Goodreads that left me smiling and happy all day, yesterday. I have to share it, as I think Tiya Rosa just coined my genre.

02/17 Tiya Rosa gave 5 stars to: The Red King by Rosemary O’Malley 
bookshelves: fave-couple-or-threesome, hurt-comfort, m-m, favorites 
status: Read in February, 2013 

This was a delicious combination of chin hands and porn. Kind of like the literary equivalent of someone quoting Shakespeare to you while they take you from behind, holding your hair for leverage and roughly slamming away. You want to go “awww shucks” and “fuck yeah” all at the same time.

This was an intense, comparatively long read about Rory, his campaign for vengeance against his childhood tormentor and all around jackass, Maarten, and his salvation of and by the beautiful Andrew. 

O’Malley created a vivid world and such compelling characters that as long as the read was, it didn’t feel dragging at all. The MCs had chemistry in spades, the dialogues felt authentic, and the supporting characters were each realized that you could tell one from another.

This is the author’s first solo writing work, and it was brilliant, romantic, and sexy. Can’t wait for what she dishes out next.

Chin hands and porn?!?! That’s brilliant. Perfect. I love it so much, especially with her description of the term right after…gah, so much love. 

I know a lot of writers don’t read their reviews. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I would have never seen that I I hadn’t!

The Red King on Goodreads is here, and Tiya Rosa has fabulous reviews all over the place!


2 thoughts on “I know

  1. She’s right. It was terrific!

  2. therealtbaggins says:

    Reblogged this on shadesofgay and commented:
    Had to reblog this for my friend Rosemary O’Malley!

    Will update SOULLESS in the next hour or so. 🙂

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